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Youtube will soon bring TikTok-like feature ‘Shorts’, know what will be special in it


YouTube will soon launch a video making feature called Shorts to compete with TikTok. It can b launched at the end of this year.

Google-owned company YouTube is working on a special feature like TikTok in its mobile app. YouTube is preparing to launch a special version called shorts. In this, users will get the facility of uploading short videos like Tiktok.

According to a 9to5Google report, the Google-owned company will allow YouTube to create licensed music and songs for shorts. However, it has not ben revealed yet how much YouTube will keep the duration of this video. Videos of 15 to 60 seconds are made on TikTok.

YouTube shorts will be available on the mobile app for Android and iOS. YouTube has not yet announced any release for the desktop app. YouTube shorts will compete against Tiktok.

However, this is not the first feature YouTube is launching. YouTube launched its Instagram and Snapchat-like stories back in 2018. YouTube subscribers with more than 10,000 subscribers can upload stories, but YouTube stories last up to a week compared to Instagram and Snapchat. It expected to b launched later this year.


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