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Your Weekly Horoscope is here !


Hello dear readers, Presenting to you , Your Weekly Horoscope of this Shravan first week –

Aries –

This week aries people will have a feeling of sadness, regret, disappointment or tensed about some situation in life.
Overall it’s an emotional stress situation, feeling of not being perfect or expectations not fulfilled are seen this week. In such a situation it’s advised to write all the good things happened in life on a page or diary and express gratitude towards others, be grateful for whatever you have. Try to divert your mind towards positive things by doing some social work and overcome the intensity of stress.

Taurus –

This week Taurus people will be working in routine day to day life but won’t feel satisfied from their work due to lack of recognition, motivation in work or salaries. Some of you may feel like you are capable of doing much more but are in dilemma of how , when, and where to execute the plan. Though Taurus people this week are trying to improve and rise from their current situation, which is a good thing.

Also some may feel like they are doing more hard work than others but are not ahead of their competitors ( a feeling of deserving more growth) .

Gemini –

This week Geminis will have a hope for growth,change, positivity and will try to be stable, calm, peaceful in life with a few near and dear ones.
Geminis this week are in a transition period where they are moving ahead from darkness to light.
Overall it’s a period of desire for new beginnings, new hope, honesty & loyalty in life after some miserable endings.

Cancer –

This is a week of balance, co-ordination , co-operation , optimism for cancerians.
This week implementation of new ideas , creative thoughts will be beneficial in order to let flow positive vibes in life. Having patience in life is the key . Overall It’s a week of no-stress , no-worries , positivity, peacefulness and excitement.

Leo –

Leos this week will feel like they should accept the favour of their family members, friends, colleagues whether it is financially, mentally or emotionally. This is the week of letting others help you and sharing your thoughts with near and dear ones. This week Leos are guided to manage their bank balance efficiently . Also some of the Leos will feel lonely, helpless, and “no one to understand” kind of thing.
Overall stay away from people whom you think are spreading negativity in your life.

Virgo –

You are reading Your Weekly Horoscope

Virgos this week will feel stuck or confused about something related to work or love life. It seems being confused between two segments of life like – to move ahead on continuing path or to start a new journey. Dilemma between developing new things or to continue with the existing one.
It’s being guided to discuss things with others and let the time take it’s decision as per destiny but you are very close to make that final decision. Exactly on the border line – this way or that way.

Libra –

This is a very positive & optimistic week for libras. It is a very favourable week for any decision making or implementation of any task. An overall positive week & positive results are seen in all aspects of life this week.

You are reading Your Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio –

This week scorpions have made up their mind to move ahead from all the sadness, struggle & unhappiness . In near future the more you move forward in life the more adundance is seen your way. Overall guide is – God helps those, who help themselves. Key note – Situations are transforming for you.

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Saggitarius –

This week Saggitarians will feel creative and passionate at work. New dreams , desire and planning for future is seen . Some people will create a soft corner for someone. It’s being guided to follow your intuition and new ideas at work.

Capricorn –

This week Capricorn people will feel powerful & stable from core alongwith mental clarity. Capricorns will handle their routine task, responsibilities and duties very confidently. Expected good results may happen, there will be peace of mind and control of thoughts & emotions.

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Aquarius –

Stability of emotions , energies and mental stability is seen for aquarians. It’s guided to practice your hobbies whether it’s reading story books , novels, watching movies or any creative work like dancing, singing.
Some aquarians will be very caring and supporting towards their family , friends, colleagues or loved ones.
Overall it’s a week of stability in work and feeling of inner power.

You are reading Your Weekly Horoscope

Pisces –

This week Pisces people will feel frustrated, stressful, stuck in materialistic world or in any situation of life. So, it’s guided to meditate, practice spirituality in life, yoga etc. It’s better to talk with someone in order to get mental clarity , sharing issues and being peaceful. Try to avoid argument with others rather than making it complicated. Key note – Accept and Avoid .

Written By Pratik singh in collaboration with Rawbackmedia.in


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