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September 19, 2021

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World wildlife day

The 2020 year earlier announced as BioDiversity super year. Therefore several events are conducted based on BioDiversity and it is included world wildlife day also. Which was proposed by Thailand. It is also called wildlife day /WWD. And observe by all UN member states and being celebrated under the theme

Theme:Sustaining all life on earth


This day is being celebrated by several leading organizations of the world. It includes CITES and other regional and non-government organizations. On this day they aim to build organize conservation events and demend illegally sourced wildlife and products.

Strategic of the theme

sustaining all life on earth includes all plant and wild animals as components of biodiversity and also includes use of natural resources:-

●SDG 1-No poverty. ●SGD 12- Ensures consumption pattern ●SGD 14-Life below water. ●SGD 15-Life on land