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WhatsApp campaign against fake news you will able to check messages with a number


In the era of social media, the trap of fake news is constantly increasing. The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown have made this situation even more challenging. In such a situation, the popular messenger app WhatsApp is constantly trying to stop the spread of fake news through its platform. In this episode, WhatsApp has taken another step, which will help users to identify fake news.

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WhatsApp has joined the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) to stop fake news. This network, created by the Poynter Institute of America, has created a chatbot for WhatsApp, which will help identify and prevent fake information related to COVID-19 in particular.

According to the information,. WhatsApp users will be able to connect with the local fact checker and identify fake news or messages. IFCN has said in the statement that with the help of this. Chatbot people will be able to identify whether the information related to Corona is correct or not.

Chatbot will be found from this number

To start this chatbot in your account, users have to save the same number in their phone. This number is issued by IFCN – +1 (727) 2912606. By saving this number, users just have to type ‘Hi’ and message on. WhatsApp and it will start on the chatbot user’s application.

Currently, it has been made available only in English by the network. Soon it will be available in Hindi also.

This is the second time in the last month that WhatsApp has taken a step against fake news. Last month, WhatsApp changed its rules to prevent the number of fakenews through forwarding messages. After the new changes, any forwarded message can now be forwarded to only one user at a time.

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