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September 19, 2021

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What will happen to unsold BS4 vehicles after deadline ends? Read this important news

Amid lockdown, the auto industry has faced a big crisis. BS4 vehicles will not be registered after 31 March. There are about 3600 crore worth of vehicles for sale in the country.

The Indian auto industry may face a major crisis in the coming days. The Transport Department has refused to extend the registration date for BS4 vehicles. Due to Corona virus, there is lockdown in the entire country till April 14 and registration of BS6 vehicles will be done from April 1.

According to new figures, there are currently six to eight lakh BS4 vehicles in the country. Whose price is close to Rs 3600 crores. Dealers needed two weeks to sell these vehicles but the current lockdown has proved to be a speed breaker. Hence the auto sector may have to face a bad time.

The Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) had asked the Supreme Court to extend the date of registration of BS4 vehicles but this demand was rejected several times. Apart from this, Hero Motocorp, the chief of two wheelers vehicles, had also approached the Supreme Court regarding this.

If the BS4 vehicle sale or registration deadline is not extended beyond March 31, then the current stock will be ineligible for sale in the Indian market. After this, they will be exported to the international market but it will cost extra.