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November 19, 2021

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What is Blog and how to do Blogging

women is doing Blog

Blog kya Hota hai

A blog is a product of Google which works like a website, it is a free service provided by Google, through the blog, you can share your things with the whole world.
Like when we post a post on Facebook, that post is limited to a few people, but your post written on the blog reaches every person who searches about it on Google.

What is blogging

Creating a blog, posting posts on it every day, publishing and designing it properly is called Blogging, on Blog we can write on any subject and at the same time step into the world of Internet, you can also earn money online through Blog. Like many people are making money.

What is blogger

The person who makes a blog and blogs on it, shares a post every day and talks to people to connect with them, he is a blogger. Likes
After reading all these, some such questions come to your mind, so let’s see your questions and their answers.

Can blogs make money and how

Yes, you can earn money by creating a blog, first of all, you have to create a blog by going to and write posts on it every day when people will like your post and many people will come to your blogg. So you can start making money by adding your blogg with Google Adsense.

On what subject should you can blog

You can do blogging on any subject like sports, entertainment, health, technology,. Whatever subject you are interested in, you can create your own blogg and website.

What is the difference between website and blog

To make a website, you need many types of web designing information and it costs money to make it,. While blogg is a free service that works as a website.

Blog kaise bnaye

To create a blogg, you have to create your account by going to . And then take the name of your blogg or website from there.

Blog bnane ke liye paise lgte hai

No, it is absolutely free, it does not cost any money.
If you still have any question, then write in the comment box, you will definitely get the answer to your question and yes friends, by making a blogg and posting it, you have to make some kind of setting in it and make your blogg accessible to the people. For that, he has to link to google like a website and somehow has to do something.
To work on both blogging and website, we have to walk step by step on the Internet, you will not find any website that tells you what to do after creating a blogg but I will tell you step by step what to do first. What to do after that, and then what to do after that

So friends, as a blogger, I understand that if you want to blogging, first get information about the blogging course,. Just by making a blogand writing a poster on it,. You cannot make your blogpopular nor money Can earn.