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Tips to boost your internet speed during this lockdown.


Due to this lockdown in the country due to COVID-19, data traffic has increased ten folds. A lot of professionals have been doing work from home. And many distant relatives are knowing their health & wishes has given rise to a temporary problem- Low-Speed internet.

A Low-speed internet is enough to freak someones out today, here we present simple steps, using which you can relieve your tension.

  1. Use your network for one task at a time.
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In today’s world, we have become data and media savvy with scheduling multiple tasks at the same time on a PC or smartphone. This clogs up the data traffic & reduces speed during important tasks such as emails or video conferencing. By doing one task at a time can aid your problem.

2.Download v/s Streaming.

With being Netflix or online streaming craze, our generation has forgotten the trend of downloading files. While streaming, the quality of your content varies causing unusual speed lag and ads popping up often clog your data. So, download your favorite content & see the results.

3. Turn off Auto-Updates.

Our Operating systems of PC & phones receive automatic updates from the manufacturer. These services run in the background & consume data. So, during this lockdown period, you can opt to turn off them.

4.Using only necessary software.

If possible, use any necessary software like emails & office related works to avoid unusual data traffic.

5. Disconnect multiple devices.

We often connect multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones, printers & PCs to make a smart hub.however they all consume some volumes of data. So, connect only utility devices for this period.

6. Clean up ports & plugs of cables.

Sometimes dust gathered up on ports & network connectors, cleaning them can relive you with a faster network.

7. Use a proxy server than native ISP.

You can opt for using a proxy server online to get your work done, as native country ISP (INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS) are handling mostly voice data over networks.



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