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September 19, 2021

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This company of China will deliver the keys of the car to customers from drones, booking this way

Amidst the corona virus, China’s car company Gili will deliver the keys to customers through drones. The company is offering online facilities like car booking, finance and insurance.

The corona virus is spreading very fast worldwide. Due to this, people advised to stay at home. Due to Corona, there has been a lot of impact on the industry business. People are not going out to buy anything. In such a situation, now a Chinese car company has broken it. The company will hand over the keys of the car to its customers through a drone directly at their home instead of the showroom.

China’s car company Gili has made a new beginning, which is going to sales of car will done without contact with the company’s salesmen and customers. The company will deliver the keys of their car to the door or balcony of their customers through a drone.

In fact, only last month, the company started its online sales system. Under this system, the company is making its customers book the car online. In addition, the company is also offering online finance and insurance.

It is believed that the company’s way of selling this car will prove very effective amid the threat of Corona virus. People not get involved in this and the car get sold. Within a month and a half, about ten thousand customers have booked cars online. The company aims to deliver the car without transition. For this, the company has deposited a fund of seven billion 85 crores. The company is preparing its vehicles with anti-bacterial and anti-germs features while keeping their vehicles safe, strong, clean and clean.