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November 19, 2021

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These are 5 great tips to fast charge the smartphone, learn

Nowadays smartphone manufacturer companies are offering fast charging facility in their mid range and above range smartphones. But there are many users who do not have fast charge smartphones, and their phones are slow charged, but there are many reasons behind the slow charge of the smartphone, which is not noticed quickly, if your smartphone is also slow charged If this happens, here we are telling you some tips, with the help of which you will also be able to charge your smartphone fast, let us know…

smartphone faster charging charger

Use original charger

While charging the smartphone, always use the original charger, do not use fake and cheap charger found in the market, by doing so, there are more chances of the smartphone bursting as well as there is a risk of the smartphone going bad.

Use these modes

Always charge the smartphone using Power saving mode / Battery saver. By doing this, the phone will turn off the extra background apps of the smartphone and the smartphone will be charged quickly.

Switch off the phone and charge it

You can also charge the phone by switching it off, by doing this the smartphon will b charged quickly because the network signals will b closed and most of the apps will also b closed, so the battery of the phone will be charged quickly.

Remove back cover and charge

We all put a back-cover on the phone to keep our. Smartphon safe, but perhaps you do not know that charging the phone with a Back-cover does not release the heat. Using the cover causes it to heat up because the Phone is hot If the efficiency of the. Battery is reduced, if you remove the cover, The heat will go out and the phone will b charged quickly.

Do not use fake data cable

It is seen that the data cable deteriorates quickly,. And people use cheap and fake data cable, while the charger is the original one. Friends, the use of fake data cable will not. Only charge the phone slow, but it can also damage your phone.