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September 19, 2021

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Research is going on on the technique of typing words by reading the thinking in the brain

Imagine if you are thinking something and technology gives it the form of words.
Researchers have found success at the initial level, further amazing work is going on.

After the speech-writing software, experts are making a new experiment. However, his success in making amazing technology is at an early stage. For now, it is believed that technology can also decide the direction of your thinking.

Experts at the University of California San Francisco have tested the thinking in words. According to which, due to Artificial Intelligence, technology can type words only by reading thinking. This technique transforms the upheaval into jumals without thinking of any words. In the course of the research, neurosurgeon Edward Cheng and his team analyzed the ‘cortical stirring’ occurring in a particular part of the brain. They put special electrodes in the brain to read it. He named this process ‘Electro Cortecogram’.

He applied external swabs to four patients to record epileptic seizures. These fitted to record epileptic seizures. Now, by adding the data to the neural network, the voice sign (signature) searched. In which the letters like lips, vowels tested. In the next phase, 30–50 jummals of common colloquialism added to the neural network. Then special cortical identity noted, then thinking written in text, without mind signature, through Artificial Intelligence. During this time, only 3 percent of the fault revealed. Apart from this, some other shortages were also noticed. As some thought jummals appeared so wrong, the meaning changed. Joints, words, and voices did not have a string in those jumals. But in spite of this, this initiative is considered a surprising attempt to change the thinking into words.