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September 19, 2021

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Real estate sector is offering great offers and discounts in lockdown to customers buying flats, houses, shops

Lockdown is on in view of the increasing case of corona infection across the country. However, in this lockdown, real estate sector is getting huge discounts. It may surprise you to hear this, but it is a fact that in this phase of lockdown, there is an atmosphere like Navratri and Diwali in the real estate sector. Real estate companies are offering huge discounts and offers like Navratri in lockdown to customers buying flats, houses, shops.

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Real estate sector On the other hand, customers are also shopping fiercely by taking advantage of these offers. Real estate companies are offering gold coins and cars as gifts on the purchase of flats, while on the other hand are also offering offers ranging from 10% to 20%. On the basis of these offers and discounts, companies are also making tremendous sales in lockdown.

Ashut Bhutani, CEO of Bhutani Infra, told the company has so far sold 300 units (flat, commercial) during the lockdown period. At the end of the lockdown period, the company hopes to sell 100-150 units more. Bhutani said that the festive season has already come for the customers due to the lockdown. In this time of lock down, the employees of his company are sitting at home and doing virtual tours of the site to the customers, sending walk through on YouTube, videoconferencing with the customers and selling.

On the sale in this difficult phase of lockdown, Bhutani said that it is very easy to sell property when weddings are happening online. Regarding offers, Bhutani says that at the time of lockdown, the company is offering different types of discount offers. The offers are such that at the moment, you can say that the time of Navratri has come first.

Currently, Bhutani Infra is offering different types of discounts on different projects. For example, if there is a discount of 10 %, then in a project, the car is bing given to customers as an offer, while elsewhere gold is also bing given as an offer.

At the same time, Yash Miglani, managing director of. Migson Group, told that at this time of lock down, customers ar seeing very good response. Inquiries are coming from thousands of customers. In such a situation, the company is also making customers feel virtual. In this, we are sending a video of the site to. The customers and sending them a virtual tour of the sample flat, balcony etc.

So far during the lockdown, the company has acquired 150 bookings in Noida Greater Noida and Raj Nagar Extension. If you talk about offers, then at this time tremendous offers ar bing given by the company. Two special offer schemes ar bing given by the company. Under the first scheme, the customers. Only have to pay 5% of the flat price on booking, which the company will consider 10%. Apart from this, 151 household essential goods ar bing given free to customers on every booking.

Regarding these claims of real estate companies, Ankit Kansal, managing director of real estate consultant company 360. Realtors, has said that during the lockdown, about 16000 online inquiries came to his company. Of these, the company has so far made 400 bookings. At the same time, during the next 15 to 20 days, the company expects to book 200 more.

Kansal said that during the same year last year, around 600 units booked by the company. From this point of view, sales are almost 33% less than. Last year, but looking at the lock-down period, the sales can be called very good. The highest booking is coming from cities with technology such as Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. At what time companies are offering very attractive payment plans and offers to customers.

Kansal said that a company is offering 10-90 payment plans to customers. Under this plan, customers currently have to pay 10% of the. Money from the booking while 90% will have to be paid at the time of possession. Apart from this, many companies are also offering very attractive discount offers to customers.