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September 20, 2021

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Porsche is going to show her fans the cars museum online

Amidst the lockdown, Porsche is going to show her fans the cars museum online. Due to Corona virus, this museum has been closed for the people.

The lockdown enforced to stop the Corona virus has stopped everyone. Meanwhile, carmaker Porsche has taken a special initiative for its fans. Porsche will take an online tour of its collection of cars to its fans so that they can enjoy the collection of these cars sitting at home.

Porsche’s museum is closed due to Corona virus, but the company does not want to leave any effort to please its fans. Porsche is now offering a digital tour of the museum this week with support and supercars.

The company said that in this tour there will also be a guide who will give information about these cars. Fans of Porsche will increase their knowledge about different racing and series production cars and will be able to go behind the scene of the museum which is usually closed to the public.

The company said that the former racing driver, who has achieved many successes for Porsche since Tuesday, will answer the questions of the followers on the Instagram page of Porsche Museum for the first time.