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September 19, 2021

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Method of making hand sanitizer at home, but some things have to be kept in mind

◇Coronavirus increased the importance of hand sanitizer.
◇Due to the sudden demand, people are finding it difficult to get hand sanitizer
◇But do you know you can make it by preparing it yourself?

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Due to increases in the corona virus day by day, the demand for hand sanitizer also increases.

The coronavirus has increased the demand for hand sanitizer. A large number of people started using hand sanitizer as compared to normal days. Due to its sudden demand, it became difficult to get a hand sanitizer from the market. If you are not getting a hand sanitizer, do not get panic.

How to Make a hand sanitizer sitting at home.

Hand sanitizer proves helpful in preventing the spread of viruses or bacteria. It also increases your chances of health protection. Hand sanitizer can be carried along if soap and clean water are not available.

Making hand sanitizer is not rocket science. It can be prepared by yourself at home. It’s important to take some precautions. After mixing, leave the liquid at least 72 hours.

What an all Method for preparation of hand sanitizer

To make sanitizer, mix three parts isopropyl alcohol in one part aloe vera gel. And also add a few drops of tea tree oil for fragrance.

Just remember this in order to make the sanitizer effective, the amount of alcohol should be 60 percent. After this, you can use your finished product as a hand sanitizer.