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September 20, 2021

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lockdown ke dauran ghar baithakar karen ye kaam, nahin hogee boring

Due to the lockdown, people are spending all their time at home. It is very important to use this time properly so as not to get bored at home.
Let us know how to use this time properly.

Due to Coronavirus, there is a lockdown at present in the entire country. PM Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown. That is, during this time people have to fight this global epidemic by staying at their home. Because this disease can be defeated only by social distancing. PM Modi has also appealed to people to stay in their homes. This appeal is also being affected. People are taking greater vigilance to avoid this disease and save others.

Take interest in religion

At this time Chaitra Navratri is going on. This time is very good for those interested in religious works. Being at home can make the Navratri worship of this time special. The special thing is that this time Navaratri is also special because many auspicious coincidences are being made in Navaratri in which special fruits can be obtained by worshiping. Especially this time is very good for those people who were unable to keep the fast of Navratri for the past several years due to busyness. Worship all 9 forms of Goddess Durga with family with devotion.

Good time to prepare for competitive exams

For the youngsters who are preparing for competitive examinations, there can be no better time than this. So during the lockdown, prepare for the exams sitting at home. Because you are getting more time to read. Most of the students preparing for competitive exams have time that they have not got time to complete the course, this is the right time to overcome such problem.

Watch movie with family

It is a long time to watch movies with family, so you can use this time by watching movies. There could not be a better time to watch a classic Bollywood movie with family. At such a time, you can also see good films of new directors including Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Bimal Rai, Gulzar, Yash Chopra, Manmohan Desai. It would be better to watch such films which have healthy entertainment and every member of the household can enjoy films. You can also watch cartoon movies with children at this time. It is also a different fun.

Read books of literature shayari

If you are interested in reading books then this time is very good. At this time, you can sit at home and read books of your favorite authors, poets. If there is no books, then there is nothing to worry, there are many sites online that can provide an online version of your favorite book for a small fee.

Listen to favorite music

Spending time listening to music is considered very good. This makes the mind relaxed. This is a great time to listen to music. During the lockdown you can listen to the songs and ghazals of your favorite singers, songwriters and musicians.