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September 19, 2021

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Learn what meditation is and how to do it

Meditation is a way that helps us to make our lives better, it not only contributes to our mental peace, but it also plays a role in achieving our life’s purpose but also to many peopleMeditation does not know whatMeditation is and how to do it, so they are deprived of it.

Girl in meditation

What is meditation

Meditation, which is called dehyan lagana in Hindi language, can be different for every person, if we tell you in very simple words,Meditatio is a process that teaches to control your dynamic mind and desires and also every person Helps recognize the infinite powers inside.

Every human has some powers that can change his whole life, but he runs in the race of this worldly life in such a way that. He does not fully recognize himself, what the purpose of his life is. is ?

Meditation works in the same way as after sleeping at night,. In the morning you feel calm and full of energy. ButMeditation does not mean sleeping, but it is a state. That, while awakening, reduces the. thoughts that are going on in your mind and makes you aware of your actual appearance.

Oso says thatMeditation is like a boon for humanity because with. Meditation we can also treat diseases whose treatment is not possible yet.

Meditation is a bit difficult in the initial days, so for this you need to practice every. day, our body gets countless benefits of. Meditating orMeditation and new energy is transmitted in the body,. So let’s know whether meditation orMeditation How to do it.

How do meditation

You can doMeditation anywhere and anytime but the time and. Calm atmosphere from 5 am to 5 pm is considered to be the. Best forMeditation and at the same time this situation proves to be helpful for you to meditate.

There are many ways to doMeditation and all have the same objective:

To make a person aware of his real life and to give. Peace to the mind are some of the main types ofMeditation.

Meditation Types


Heart RhythmMeditation



Yoga meditation



There can be thousands of methods of meditation,. But the easiest and simplest method is to keep your spinal cord ie the waist straight. And at the same time keep your neck straight while sitting, lying,. Standing in any quiet place as you feel comfortable. You can meditate like that.

While doingMeditation you have to take your thoughts completely to zero. And go to the depths while feeling your mother-in-law. After closing the eyes, do not try to see anything inside, it starts hurting your head.

Rather, after closing your eyes, you have to take all the views and thoughts of this. World to zero position only and only in your mind. Because according to science it is said that our mind can only imagine those pictures which it has never seen.

Therefore, while meditating you have to take all the thoughts of this world to a zero. State so that you can recognize the reality inside you.

Meditation does not mean sleeping and sleeping because you are in a waking state. While doingMeditation and if something happens around you then you have knowledge of them.

Important tips for meditation

  1. Choose a location of quiet environment forMeditation so that you do not get distracted by external sounds.
  2. Morning time is considered best for meditation.
  3. Sit in such a comfortable position for meditation that you can remain uninterrupted for a long time.
  4. Do not eat food beforeMeditation,. Because of this, you do not feel sleepy nor do you have an empty stomach.
  5. Keep a small smile on your face duringmeditation.
  6. Duringmeditation, take long and deep breaths so that the muscles become calm.

Benefits of Meditation

  1. It gives peace to your mind.
  2. It increases your thinking power.
  3. ●It increases your mental concentration.
  4. It develops mentally and physically.
  5. ●It calms your angry behavior.
  6. It relieves your headaches, sleeplessness, distressed mental state.
  7. MeditationIncreases the transmission of energy in you.
  8. Enjoyment of every moment of life can be experienced through meditation.
  9. With meditation you can control your mind and desires.
  10. ●Meditation develops your personality.
  11. MeditationCreates happiness in you.
  12. ●Meditation increases your ability to be patient.
  13. Meditation builds confidence in you.
  14. ●Meditation provides benefits in your physical health.

Most people are unaware of what meditation is and how they do it, but many spiritual teachers. Believe thatmeditation is like a blessing for man and. Meditation means that many people have believed that their lives will change.