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September 20, 2021

Rawback Media

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How to save water during summer?

Water is the source of life, existing in three forms in this universe, it makes the transmission medium of nutrients to circulate in the body of living organisms.

After recovering from the apocalypse caused by COVID-19,The world has to face even a bigger challenge. Drying up of underground water will result in Draughts. This means much more deaths in the scarcity of water.

Rawbackmedia brings to you simple steps from which you can save water to prevent world from another apocalypse.

1.Water Harvesting.

Harvest the water.collecting rainwater on keeping a rain catcher or a drum outside, This water can afterwards be utilized to water plants & flush toilets. You can also collect the leftover water after washing clothes ,utensils or bathing, later it can processed using chemicals & aerator and can be recycled fresh to use again. 

2.Changing washing habits.

While washing dishes in a double-sink unit, fill both basins with water. Use water from the first to clean and scrub utensils and from other to rinse them. This will conserve liters of water. Also replace your habit of washing your car, instead duster it or use a mop to clean your shiny car. And last importantly use a efficient washing machine for clothes , choose those who consume less water.

3.Use sprinkler system to water plants.

Early in morning& in late evening is perfect time to water plants, cooler temperatures reduce evaporation improving water retention. Use sprinkler system or drip irrigation to your waste your whole garden as these consume less water & minimize wastage of water and same time watering each plant efficiently.

4.While shaving & Bathing.

While bathing use a bucket & a mug as showers run liters of waters unnecessarily. A report of united nations claim that by turning off our showers we can save 3 billion liters of water per day. While shaving, turn off your tap & use a mug and dispenser for the purpose. You can also switch to electric trimmers.

5.Check for water-leakage.

Check for any possible leakages around the home. Either in pipes or taps. this little trick can save you lots of liters of water to be saved & in turn money.

6.Teach your kids

Talk to your kids on the importance of water & the need of conserving it. Make them aware that how millions of people around the world face difficulty for even a pile of water. This small step can make them responsible as they are the future of this world.