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September 20, 2021

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How to keep calm when you are Angry | Anger Management

In this article , we will tell you How to keep calm when you are Angry | Anger Management tips . As these days with dramatic lifestyle changes and ongoing pandemic ,Finding the root cause of your anger is important, if not,  anger management tips will simply pass over your head, just like sex tips . Why is anger a problem, you  should ask yourselves ? and majorly unnecessary anger is the root cause of all the problems.

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Think Speak with clarity

Amongst simplest step in reducing your anger is to take a long breath and make sure you’ve collected all your expressions clear .Ask yourselves ‘Are you sure you’ve understood your opponent’s position? ‘

If you are in doubt, suspend the thought of your judgment, And think rationally

Such as : Was it really his/her fault?

                Is my reason of anger is just cauing due to my resentment?

                Is it necessary to express my anger righth now?

When you self reflect, you may find lots of questions by yourself, When you see yourself as just an observer to events, you get clarity and when you get clarity in mind, your words also become clear , hence your anger is gone.

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Fatigue and stress

Other known anger causing agents include Fatigue & stress . When our mind is burdened by th days events clutter , we are not in a position to control our emeotions. Resulting stress causes us to angry.

More often unmet needs or drives (hunger, thirst, lust, etc.) linger in   our mind causing resentment in us.

How to keep calm when you are Angry | Anger Management

Empathize. To empathize co-relates with “thinking scientifically,” When you Empatize, you put yourself in others persons perspective, as a result you become mere observer and things become simpler

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How to keep calm when you are Angry | Anger Management tips.

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