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September 20, 2021

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Home based Business & e-learning grows amid lockown.

As the whole world is struggling with the pandemic COVID-19, Lockdown in any country is common in order to stop the further infections of the virus. Corporate and lot of people have taken work from home and there’s a fear in the market for the lay-offs and economic crisis, post this pandemic.

BUT, In the meantime, Home-based businesses and e-learning have got a huge trend in this lockdown period. As with the access to fast internet, people are leveraging the time to learn new Skills from e-learning websites, as well as creating their own Business which they can handle from home.

Rawback media presents you top options to Build your own home business and the top e-learning sites.

Build your online business.

1.Direct Selling or network marketing.

Direct selling is a prestigious industry today where you make money by working in teams and helping people to grow their business. It has got recognition from ASSOCHAM & DSA. Over time you can make huge money to declare yourselves independent.

In this business, you can enroll for free and you have to be a brand ambassador helping promote the company products to people. You earn revenue by the total purchasing by people & that happens in your free time.

There are lots of companies providing this opportunity, But we share you information about the best company for quality, support, and money-making.

Vestige Marketing

Started long back in 2004 by two tycoons, Deepak Sood & Gautam Bali, It has become #1 company in India and ranks 44 globally.It provides these benefits —

  • Good money making in free time.
  • Passive income.
  • people in any profession can do.
  • Any age-group can do.
  • Respect and name in society.

Vestige has long range of product which we use on daily-basis including –

  • Personal care
  • Home Care
  • Men’s & women Grooming
  • 300+ products & health supplements.
  • fast home delivery to every corner of the country.
  • Good Money making.

It has received a lot of awards and recognition for its performance. If you want to start a career in vestige contact or message on WhatsApp: +91 8709619582.

2.Affiliate marketing.

As every major e-commerce companies have paused their delivery, But we can see a rise in marketing & promotions after this lockdown lifts up. If you are having a lot of online followers on Facebook, Instagram or on any social media platform, You can right now utilize this opportunity to start affiliate marketing and make a lot of money.

All you have to do is to sign up as an affiliate on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. and start posting about their latest product in your account. when people buy through you, you make money.


Do you have the skill of making videos/writing/programming or any related skill? You can use your talent or hobby to make handsome money. There are a lot of websites today which can get you, clients. You can work to make their project in your free time and in turn, they pay you a good amount of money.