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September 19, 2021

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Google claims, company is adding 3 million users daily through Google Meet

During this difficult time of corona virus, people have started resorting to video calls where all things are happening on this platform now. Video calls and conferences are increasing day by day with the increase of lockdown. In such a situation, meeting, question answering, children’s studies and talking to their family are all happening on video calls. During this time, services like zoom are becoming very famous, but now Google has also started its new service Gogle Meet to compete with zoom.

Google with google meet

Google CEO Sudar Pichai recently made a big talk about the meat service of the company. He said that this platform is adding 3 million users daily. In such a situation, 100 million active users are coming to this platform every day. After January, Gogle Meat has seen an increase of 300 percent.

Google Meet comes with Google G Suite. This is the company’s email and productivity tool. It is free for users. However, Gogle is already getting a tough competition from Zoom, which has 200 million active users daily. Gogle has also made many premium features free for users amid Corona crisis.

A Google grid can connect up to 16 people at once. Gogle is currently rolling out more features. Earlier only 4 people could join on this platform. However here this number is limited to your screen only. In this case, the total viewer count is 250 people, if you will be on G Suite Enterprise.