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September 19, 2021

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Friendship: These few things of your friend say that you are ‘very special’ for them.

Be it friendship or love, both involve familiarity and dedication to each other. But sometimes it is very difficult to understand the difference between these two. There are occasions in the friendship of boys and girls when they feel that their best friend likes them or considers them very special because some people are very hesitant to express their love. With which they are never able to say their thing in front of you. But their little things only reveal their love for you, so let us tell you some such things, from which you can find out that you are very special for them.

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Come out of your comfort level and help you

By the way, good friends too often come out of their comfort and help you. But even after the friendship is old, your friend comes first and foremost to help you, so this is an indication that he has a crush on you because you leave your comfort only when you really care about him. is.

Looking for excuses to meet you

If your friend finds excuses to be with you and becomes very happy to see you, then maybe that heart has fallen in love with you. Actually, such people are afraid to express, no circumstance prevents them from expressing love to you. But they are not able to stop their mind in front of you.

Be excited to talk to you all the time

If a friend keeps talking, chatting, messaging with you for a long time even after a new friendship, it means that he likes you. Despite having a busy life nowadays, if a person stays excited for your message for 12-14 hours out of 24 days, then it can be love.

Take everything you believe right

If a friend is saying yes to your yes, then it may mean that he likes you a lot and is doing so to draw your attention to them. When we are in love with someone, then even if we do not want it, we feel that everything is right and this happens only as long as you are their love.

Take interest in your personal things

After a new friendship, if a person is taking more interest in your personal life, then maybe he likes you. Especially in the new friendship of boys and girls, it can be considered normal that they want to know everything about each other’s personal life, so that they can find the right space in your life for themselves.