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September 19, 2021

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Benefits of coconut oil |use of coconut oil

Benefits of coconut oil :- Coconut oil serves as a panacea for biting insects during rainy days. Also, coconut oil is used for burns, chopped or bruised. Coconut oil also puts four moons in your beauty. Know the tips for coconut oil.

Coconut oil is available in every Indian homes. Most people use this oil for cooking, applying it to hair. Some people use coconut oil in many ways on the face as well. Coconut oil is used to remove makeup, coconut oil is applied to moisturize the face. But apart from these, coconut oil is also used in many home remedies.

Very few people know these home remedies. For years, grandmother have been using coconut oil as a scrub to make toothpaste, to cleanse the body. So today we tell you that in which things coconut oil is used. What are those magic tips?

Benefits of coconut oil

Mosquito bite treatment | Benefits of coconut oil

Mosquito bites often stain during the rainy season. You can use coconut oil as a treatment for bug bites or mosquito bites. It reduces itching, burning and redness. You can also use it on the soft skin of children. Coconut oil is just applied on the skin.

Treatment of boils pimples | Benefits of coconut oil

During the monsoon and summer, people get a lot of boils. You can use coconut oil to cure them. If you want, you can also add a little turmeric in coconut oil. By applying it, your boils will reduce in a few days. Apart from this, you can also apply coconut oil to the boils. It will not cause any stains.

Aftershave lotion

If you suddenly realize that there is no aftershave lotion at home, don’t worry. You can also use coconut oil as an aftershave lotion. Women use it even after waxing on their feet and hands. While it can be applied on moisturizing skin and mild lightening injury. Coconut oil is also used to make the skin smooth and shiny. Just apply a little oil on the face every day and wash it after some time.

Burn on |

If you burn food frequently in the kitchen, then applying coconut oil on it will help. Coconut oil also heals the wound quickly, besides it is also used to erase burn marks. Scars disappear by applying coconut oil daily.

To make toothpaste | Benefits of coconut oil

If you want to use homemade toothpaste, you can use coconut oil to make toothpaste. You can make it by adding a little baking soda, a little peppermint oil and coconut oil. This paste will make your teeth and gums healthy. You can use it whenever the paste runs out in your house.

Used on scar or injury | Benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can easily heal any bruises or scars. Apart from this, you can also use coconut oil as a good moisturizer. You can do this for the treatment of peeling, bruises, animal paws. Just you have to massage with oil on the place of injury everyday.

Bed bugs | Benefits of coconut oil

Often, old wooden furniture gets bedbug and starts annoying. You can apply neem leaf in coconut oil on the surface of the furniture to remove the bedbugs. With the help of a cotton cloth, you wipe the furniture. Bedbugs will run away from your furniture in no time.

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