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September 19, 2021

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Are you becoming more dependent on your partner, know from these signs

When we are in love, we want to see our partner with Harpal. Which makes you dependent on him for many things. This is also very normal in relationships, but when you start becoming dependent on your partner more than necessary, then it is not good for your relationship, because it causes bitterness in the relationship. Come, today we tell you some such signs, with the help of which you can find out that you are overly dependent on your partner.

partner hloding there hands

Missing out with friends and family

Couples often look for excuses to spend time with each other, but when your partner is busy, even if you do not feel like going out or visiting with family and friends, it is a sign. You are slowly moving away from your close ones and your social life is ending completely.

Completely dependent on your partner

If you have to go somewhere or go shopping, then you depend on your partner. If you have to do something alone, then you start making excuses. You may not feel it, but if you are too much dependent on your partner, you also have difficulty in taking small and big decisions.

Your happiness on the partner’s mood

Both people feel happy in the relationship. But when you are more dependent on your partner than necessary, then your happiness all depends on your partner’s mood. You just keep trying to keep your partner’s mood good and in this you forget your own happiness behind.

Always insecurity

When a person is an overdose on his partner, there is always a feeling of insecurity in his mind. If the partnr spends some time with his friends, then the person starts thinking more than necessary. Sometimes, feeling of insecurity leads to anxiety and irritability.

Lose your identity

Excessive dependence on someone destroys a person’s own identity because a person’s entire focus is on his relationship and he slowly lets him lose his identity. In this type of relationship, you manage things more than your partnr according to your partner’s happiness, mood and his time, leaving your own work behind.