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September 19, 2021

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After Mumbai, Google is going to launch its cloud infrastructure in delhi by 2021

On March 5 2020 Google announced its next cloud region and it is going to open in delhi by 2021. And this will be the second cloud region of Google after Mumbai and that was launched in 2017 Google has its own 22 cloud region in Asia.


Along with delhi cloud region, Google will also open its data centre in Toronto (canada), Doha(Qatar) and in Melbourne(Australia).

What is a Google cloud region?

Google cloud region brings, Google cloud platform(GCP). The Google cloud services are available in locations like North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. This locations are divided into zone and regions. The locations are region that store data. And these data storage region helps so many companies to store and secure their data.

How it is helpful for India?

India had a strict data localization law. This is because government believe that’s consumers data can be protect in better way, this will help in national security, economic development and sovereignty. Therefore Google cloud will help companies to store data locally.