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November 19, 2021

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5 reasons that making your Mobile phone battery weak

Quickly running out of mobile phone battery and charging it frequently make the battery weak.

Often people are worried about the quick drain of their mobile phone batteries. The battery of the phone does not run properly all day. However, overuse of the smartphone can also be a reason for this, but if the expert believes that the battery of the phone runs out quickly, it has to be charged again and again, due to which the battery becomes weak. Let us know about the reasons that are enemies of your mobile phone battery.

Mobile phone battery week

Say goodbye to fake charger

Always charge the phone with the same charger that is given with the phone. Charger of another phone can damage both your phone and battery. Not only this, the use of fake chargers can also prove to be dangerous. If your phone charger is damaged, then you only buy the original charger.

Vibration Mode

Those who keep their mobile phones always in Vibrate mode, their phone battery drains quickly. Not only this, it is also dangerous for health along with the battery. If the vibrations that occur while touching the phone or while pressing any button, it should also be stopped because it also causes bad battery health.

Correct use of Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS

In our phones, we use Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS daily. But often forget to discontinue them after use. Because of which this battery is consumed. In addition, the work of the phone’s processor also increases.

Observe the brightness

Every phone has an auto brightness mode. Which determines the brightness according to the light, so the battery is consumed more. So you set the brightness of the display according to yourself. Battery performance increases when the display is roshini high. Because of which the battery starts running out.

Mobile charging time

Avoid charging your mobile phone frequently. Often people start charging the phone even if there is 40-50 percent battery, which is not true at all. Only charge the phone when the battery is up to 20 percent and also keep in mind that never charge the phone up to 100 percent. Only charge up to 90 percent, by doing so, the battery life increases.

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